Help for Stress

  • Do you feel on edge or irritable all the time?
  • Do you feel like your life is controlling you instead of you having the life you want?
  • Does anger sometimes get the better of you?
  • Is it hard to settle down and relax?


    Do you know anyone who doesn't deal with some stress? Our modern lives make it seem natural and unavoidable. The stress response in the body actually is natural. What's not natural is having the stress response going off all the time.

    Stress causes a number of chemical reactions in the body that are meant to last just a short time. When stress becomes chronic, it can lead to health and mental health problems. You need help learning how to turn the stress response off.

    Because stress is happening at the physiological level, the most effective way to make a change is working with the body in addition to the mind. When you come in for Somatic Experiencing® sessions, we will work to change the way your nervous system is working, which will bring you real lasting relief.

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