Help for Trauma

  • Have you been in or seen an accident?
  • Have you had a surgery or medical procedure?
  • Have you witnessed or been a victim of violence?
  • Did you suffer physical, sexual or emotional abuse as a child or adult?
  • Do you have PTSD, flashbacks, dissociation or other forms of distress?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions or have experienced any other trauma and feel like you have a hard time dealing with life, these things may be related.

    When we perceive that we are in danger and that there is nothing we can do, the result is trauma. There are many, many things that happen to us that can lead to trauma and sometimes PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder.

    Trauma may leave a person feeling disconnected from life or people, having flashbacks, having anxiety or panic attacks, startling easily, repeatedly ending up in similar unsafe situations, feeling stuck or frozen, having intrusive thoughts or memories or feeling numb or hypersensitive. Any of these symptoms can then lead to difficulty in relationships or at work and a general sense of helplessness. If you are experiencing these or other challenges due to trauma, something is getting in the way of your nervous system doing what it knows how to do. Somatic Experiencing® helps your system work better, which helps you feel better.

    When you and I work together, we will pay attention to what is happening in the present moment and expand your ability to experience pleasure, in addition to the more unpleasant sensations you are probably used to. We will help you re-negotiate old mental, physical and emotional patterns so you begin to experience things in a new way.

    SE is a gentle process that will get you results more quickly by working more slowly. If you have tried other kinds of therapy and they haven't worked, it's time for a new approach. Many clients who have suffered trauma feel some relief in the first session. You can try out some Somatic Experiencing® basics by taking a free mini e-course that I offer by email.

    Things can change for you.

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